Administrative Staff Title Email
Valerie Wilson Assistant Town Assessor
Lisa Tetreault Senior Clerk

  • Eric Easterday, Chairman
    Term expires: 2023
  • Nancy J Goulart, Clerk
    Term expires: 2024
  • William Moore, Member
    Term expires: 2025


  • Every 3rd Wednesday
  • 979 Somerset Ave
    Dighton, MA 02715
Fiscal Year 2024 Tax RatesResidentialCommercial
Real Estate$13.68$26.58


The primary function of the Board of Assessors, the Assessing Department,  and its staff is to tax persons and property proportionately and reasonably, as required by the Massachusetts Constitution. Assessors are statutorily obligated to assess all property except Agricultural/Horticultural, Forest, and recreational land at its full and fair cash value.  

The Assessors must discover and list all taxable property, motor vehicle excise, boat excise and maintain accurate ownership and property information. Other duties include, but are not limited to, tax exemptions for the elderly, blind, veterans, and widow taxpayers. Also conduct a revaluation of all real estate and personal property every three years, as well as ongoing reinspection of all residential properties within the town. Maps of all real estate are also maintained and updated through deeds and plot plans received.

Massachusetts General Laws regulate work done in the Assessing Department. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (Mass DOR) oversees and certifies everything processed that relates to taxation. The Assessing Department welcomes questions and comments from the public and will always be available to serve the taxpayers.

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