What happens if I do not pay my property tax bill?

Do not ignore your tax bill!

Demands: After the due date, interest accrues daily at a per diem rate of 14% on the unpaid amount, calculated from the due date of each quarter. Demand bills, which include a fee of $5 and interest, are issued after the due date of May 1 on all outstanding accounts.

Warrant: On bills remaining outstanding after the issuance of demands, the Town of Dighton instructs the Deputy Collector to serve a warrant, which requires an in-hand delivery or leaving a copy of the warrant at the delinquent's last know address. Additional fees for this service are added to the account.

Tax Taking: Through the tax taking process, a lien is placed on the property at the Bristol County Northern District Registry of Deeds. Once a year the Collector notifies owners of outstanding accounts stating that their property will be advertised for tax taking in the Taunton Daily Gazette. At least 14 days before the tax taking the Collector will publish a notice listing the delinquent accounts in the newspaper. Additional charges, fees are added to the account and interest is calculated at a per diem rate of 16% from the date of the taking to the date of payment.

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