How do I file for an abatement?

Abatement applications are available in our office or from the Massachusetts Division of Local Services website (View the Real Estate and Personal Property Abatement Form (PDF)). If you are unable to get to the office during business hours, we will mail an application to you. Abatements can be filed for thirty days following the mailing of the first Actual tax bill usually by January 1.

The filing deadline is always 30 days from the mailing/due date of tax payment.

Please keep in mind the Board of Assessors has no jurisdiction to act on an application that is filed later than the day the abatement application is due.

The Board of Assessors looks for persuasive evidence before changing any assessment. Applications should include a complete description of factual errors. For example, errors in the number of baths, year built, square footage of the living area, etc. Factual errors usually require a site visit. Or, if you believe your property is over-assessed, provide an analysis of comparable sale properties with your abatement application. The analysis should include at least three recent sales of homes that are similar to yours in characteristics such as style, living area, number of bedrooms, lot size, and location. Property record cards are available to support your claim. Recent sale prices can also be found in our office.

You will receive a notice of decision on your application. If an abatement is granted, your last quarter tax bill will be reduced by the amount of abatement. If the Board of Assessors denies your application, there is an additional appeal process available. The appeal must be filed within ninety days of the Board of Assessors' decision by contacting:

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Appellate Tax Board
100 Cambridge Street
Suite 200
Boston, MA 02114
Phone: 617-727-3100

Forms are available on the Appellate Tax Board website.

Filing an application for abatement does not stay the collection of your taxes. In order to preserve your rights of appeal, pay the tax when due.

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