How does a building permit affect the value of my property?

Building permit collection, sale verification, and cyclical reinspection of property.

The Board of Assessors relies on accurate information to ensure fair value estimates. New construction and remodeling information is collected annually in the spring and summer. Dighton has in place a statutory local option that allows the town to assess all new construction through June 30. This means for example that the July tax bill may include the value of new construction and remodeling that took place July 1 (previous year) through June 30 (current year).

Homes that have recently sold are inspected as well as one-sixth of the improved property inventory in town. If you purchase a home, we usually request an inspection within the year. If your street is included in the one-sixth cyclical inspection program, a notice will be sent several weeks before we begin data collection. The names and vehicle registration numbers of all field personnel are on file with the Dighton Police Department should you wish to verify the identity of an assessor who requests an inspection of your property when our office is not open.

We inspect the interior and exterior details of each residence, the overall condition and amenities present, and the location. During the inspection key features such as style, number of bedrooms, number of baths, and dimensions of the property are recorded. We appreciate your cooperation in allowing assessors access to your property.

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