• Dock on the lake overlooking storm clouds
  • Christmas train driving through the street
  • View of the lake near the rocks
  • People standing in the form of a peace symbol near bleachers
  • Boats docked on the lake
  • Open field with trees in the distance
  • Lake surrounded by lush green trees
  • Sepia photography of homes surrounded by snow
  • Baseball game on concrete after the rain
  • Boats docked at a lake under the blue sky and clouds
  • White home with a mature tree in the front
  • Tan home with two pots of flowers in the front and people walking on the side of the house
  • View of the lake, dock, and flag overlooking a multicolored sky in blue, purple, pink, and orange
  • Dighton's Cemetery
  • Bushes on the side of the lake
  • High School Girl's Sports Team Photo
  • Six veteran's standing with the American Flag
  • Red and gray clouds overlooking a boat on the lake during sunset
  • Flower stand with a red, yellow, and blue umbrella and a sign displaying prices for mason jars and bouquets
  • White Chapel Church
  • Green field with fog
  • Green grass with lush trees
  • High School Boy's Baseball Team in front of a decorated truck
  • Boat on a lake with a crane standing on a buoy
  • City of Dighton employees during a meeting
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 7
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 6
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 5
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 4
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 3
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 2
  • City of Dighton Massachusetts 1

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