Mallory Aronstein

Town Administrator
979 Somerset Avenue
Dighton, MA 02715
(508) 669-6431 Option 1
By appointment.

About Me                                                                    Photo Mallory Aronstein
Name: Mallory Aronstein
Birthday: August 20
School: Stonehill College, Northwestern University

Song:  What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
Book: Robert's Rules of Order - Just kidding! Catch 22 and The Art of Racing in the Rain
Movie: My Cousin Vinny and Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Food: Chicken Picatta
Color: Green
Quote:  "Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection."  - Abraham Lincoln
Hello Dighton! I remain humbled and honored to serve as your first Town Administrator, and have enjoyed the exciting ride that it is. We have accomplished so much - new, updated and professional policies; streamlined activities in the Selectmen's Office, as well as throughout town, to improve efficiencies; engaged with state and local officials to fight for Dighton's continued success; and designed a Five Year Plan to keep us on track to accomplish goals and move forward.  Recently, our focus has been on a variety of grant opportunities that enable a small town like us to finish major, long awaited projects. In the last year, we completed significant work on plans that serve as foundations for future grant opportunities. You can read more about those here. As a happy byproduct, working on these grants allows me to enjoy the beautiful scenery and natural resources that are so plentiful here. If you're new to town, I encourage you to get outside and enjoy the natural majesty that Dighton has to offer.

I am also shifting focus to economic development opportunities. We are exploring the viability of expanding our sewer services along Route 138 and should be ready to present findings and information to the town by the Fall of 2020. I am hoping to work with an area college to perform a survey of our business community to help us find ways in which we can be more helpful to them. We have online permitting in place now through the Building Department. We've also developed a Business Guide to help potential businesses locating to Dighton navigate the permitting and licensing processes. We will also continue revising and proposing by laws that help rather than hinder commercial development, but managing the quaint, bedroom-community feel that serves Dighton so well.

Thank you for bestowing upon me your trust and support. It has been a pleasure meeting the many residents here and I look forward to meeting and working with more of you! The Town truly is a gem along the Taunton River, and I love being in it!

A bit more about me...
I grew up in Portsmouth, RI and headed to Stonehill College after graduating from Portsmouth High School. Thus began my roots in Massachusetts. After graduating from Stonehill, I headed to the State House working under then-State Representative Thomas P. Kennedy of Brockton. I spent 15 months as his Staff Director, after which I became employed at the local level with the Town of West Bridgewater. In both posts, I connected deeply with the constituents and fully ingratiated myself with the community, something I strive to do every day in Dighton.

In 2014, I earned a Masters in Public Administration from Northwestern University and have thoroughly enjoyed putting my skills to the test in local government. In 2019, I was designated by the Commonwealth's Inspector General's Office as a Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official.

Currently I live in Easton with my husband, George, and our two boys, Cole and Kevin.