Mallory Aronstein

Town Administrator
979 Somerset Avenue
Dighton, MA 02715
(508) 669-6431 Option 1
By appointment.

About Me                                                                    Photo Mallory Aronstein
Name: Mallory Aronstein
Birthday: August 20
School: Stonehill College, Northwestern University

Song:  What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong
Book: Robert's Rules of Order - Just kidding! Catch 22 and The Art of Racing in the Rain
Movie: My Cousin Vinny and Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Food: Chicken Picatta
Color: Green
Quote:  "Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection."  - Abraham Lincoln
Hello Dighton! It's been a little over a year from my first day and it has been a very productive one! I remain humbled and honored to serve as your first Town Administrator, and have enjoyed the exciting ride that it is. We have accomplished so much - new, updated and professional policies; streamlined activities in the Selectmen's Office, as well as throughout town, to improve efficiencies; engaged with state and local officials to fight for Dighton's continued success; and designed a wish list of sorts to keep us on track to accomplish goals.  Thank you for bestowing upon me your trust and support. It has been a pleasure meeting the many residents here and I look forward to meeting and working with more of you! The Town truly is a gem along the Taunton River, and I love being in it!

A bit more about me...
I grew up in Portsmouth, RI and headed to Stonehill College after graduating from Portsmouth High School. Thus began my roots in Massachusetts. After graduating from Stonehill, I headed to the State House working under then-State Representative Thomas P. Kennedy of Brockton. I spent 15 months as his Staff Director, after which I became employed at the local level with the Town of West Bridgewater. In both posts, I connected deeply with the constituents and fully ingratiated myself with the community, something I strive to do every day in Dighton.

In 2014, I earned a Masters in Public Administration from Northwestern University and have thoroughly enjoyed putting my skills to the test in local government. In 2019, I was designated by the Commonwealth's Inspector General's Office as a Massachusetts Certified Public Purchasing Official.

Currently I live in Easton with my husband, George, and our two boys, Cole and Kevin.