FY20 Budget

    April 10, 2019 Budget Narrative

    FY20 Budget Message


TO: Department Heads and Committee Chairs
FROM: Town Administrator Mallory Aronstein MEA
RE: FY20 Budget
DATE: January 2, 2019

 The Budget Process for Fiscal Year 2020 is about to begin! The Town Accountant will send to all department heads and committee chairs budget worksheets by mid-January. Please note the following:

  - Budgets must be submitted to the Town Administrator and Town Accountant no later than Thursday, January 31. Budgets received later than this date will be budgeted at $0 under “Department Request”.

- Budgets must be voted on and signed by a majority of board/committee members, if applicable. The date of the vote should be listed. Departments Heads must also sign their budgets.

- The comments section should be utilized to describe reasons for any and all changes

-Payroll figures must be verified with the Town Accountant, including any longevity increases. Any requests for salary increases (outside of increases negotiated through collective bargaining) or increases in hours must be submitted to the Board of Selectmen for a vote PRIOR to budget submittal.

- Capital item requests, along with language for a warrant article, must also be submitted at this time.

- The Town Accountant requires that Estimated Expenditures between 1/1/19 and 6/30/19 and Estimated Receipts for FY20 also be included.

Please note in FY20, there are 52 weeks and an extra Monday and Tuesday.

Department heads and committee chairmen will meet with the Town Administrator to discuss the needs of the department and requested budget. Be prepared to discuss the requested increases, if any. Departments that are requesting level funded budgets may opt out of meeting with the Town Administrator. There will be a sign up sheet for dates and times outside my office door. Please sign up at your earliest convenience.

The Town Administrator will present budgets to the Board of Selectmen at their meetings during the budget season. Any department head or committee chair wishing to present their budget to the Board will have the opportunity to do so if they so choose. Presentations to the Finance Committee are separate and will be scheduled through that Committee.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.