Annual Report

To the Citizens of Dighton:

The Dighton Conservation Commission is given charge of wetlands protection in the Town of Dighton.  The Commission follows the Wetlands Protection Act as written by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and our own Bylaws approved at Town Meeting.

In general, anyone who intends to alter wetland areas, land within 100 feet of any wetland or within 200 feet of any stream must apply to the Conservation Commission prior to such activity.  This application is done through written application of a Notice of Intent or a Request for Determination Applicability.  In each case a public hearing is held and site inspection made before decision is rendered.  In all cases State Regulations and local Bylaws are determining factors in that decision.  

The 2003 calendar year continued to be very active for the Commission with approximately 40 filings.  In order for the Commission to carry out its responsibilities, a Conservation Agent was hired on a part time basis.  Her work enables the Commission to serve the Town in an undiminished capacity as the workload increases.  The Agent’s main tasks include field inspections and reviewing applications as well as responses to those applications.

The Commissioners, all serving as appointed officials, will continue to see a high rate of activity within Town as urban sprawl continues.  We will continue with diligence to protect our wetlands according to regulations.

Respectfully Submitted,

William Frenette
Charles Mello
Frances Crawford
James Digits
Nicholas Santore
Dighton Conservation Commissioners
Lisa Caledonia, Agent