THIS EARLY HOUSE was built in 1790 and is in good structural condition, but needs to be moved or dismantled from its present location at 949 Somerset Avenue, Dighton, Massachusetts. The house abuts the Dighton Town Hall.

The single-family house is very historic and is definitely worth saving. It was built by sea Captain James Briggs whose eldest son, “Stout George Briggs,” was a folk hero. The style is Cape. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a living space of 1,709 square feet. Some of the wonderful treasures of the house include strong wide-board wooden floors, beautiful interior doors, vintage hardware, and a charming handmade balustrade – the sort that one rarely finds in today’s houses – and of course, the “life” that centuries of human occupation gives to the place. The house was featured in the 1992 edition of Early American Life Magazine when a previous owner decorated every room with early American Christmas motif.

The Dighton Historical Commission has voted that the James Briggs House be “preferably preserved” and it is aggressively searching for anyone (individual or group) to move the house to a different location. The demolition is delayed, via bylaw, for six months (starting February 11, 2020) and we have until August to find a prospective taker.  Please note, the property is not for sale. If there is interest in moving the house, the Town will then take steps to advertise the disposition of property. In that case, the highest bidder for the house itself would be awarded the house, and afforded the opportunity to remove it. Serious inquiries only.

 The possibilities of repurposing the James Briggs House are endless. It can be turned into a bed and breakfast inn, a children’s library, a cozy café, a private club, a house museum or a place of worship. The house can be split into two or three portions and be converted into tiny houses or cottages that may be rented out, or turned into sheds for storage or for personal sanctuary.

 Please spread the word about this house and if you know of anyone or any group who would be interested in moving and preserving the house, please e-mail Kenneth Pacheco, Dighton Selectman and member of the Dighton Historical Commission at bwright1776@aol.com or call him at his office at 508 669-5043 to set up an appointment to visit the house.

To see more photos of the exterior and interior of the house, and for specifications, please visit https://jamesbriggshouse.blogspot.com/

You may also join the Save The James Briggs House on Facebook for updates and discussions: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451726549033972/