The Board of Selectmen has begun reviewing, revamping and developing various policies. We will post them as they become approved and effective.

Use of Town Counsel (Approved 1/23/19)
Tuition Reimbursement Policy (Approved 12/12/18)
Internship Program (Approved 12/12/18)
January-June 2019 Meeting Schedule (Approved 11/28/2018)
Displays of Holiday Decorations (Approved 11/28/18)
Vacation Request Form  (Approved 11/28/2018)                     
Board of Selectmen Rules & Procedures   (Approved 11/28/2018)
Town Vehicle Use Policy  (Approved 11/14/2018)
Energy Reduction Plan  (Approved 10/24/2018) 
Drug Free Workplace Policy   
(Approved 10/24/2018) 
Performance Evaluation Policy (Approved 10/3/2018) 
Performance Evaluation Form  (Approved 10/3/2018) 
Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy  (Approved 8/8/2018)
Anti-Harassment Policy   (Approved 8/4/2018)            
Financial Statement
   (Approved 1/31/2018)
Selectmen Meeting Agenda Policy  (Approved 1/17/2018)
Eagle Scout Project Guidelines (Approved 10/18/2017)
Recorded Public Meetings Policy   (Approved 12/14/2016)
Damaged Mailbox Policy (Approved 8/13/2014)