New Home Inspection Schedule

Inspection Schedule - Dwelling

Additions/New Dwelling: (5 inspections) - all new dwelling house numbers must be posted at the street line before inspections are requested.

  1. Footing
    1. Keyways or Rods
  2. Foundation
    1. Coat Wall
    2. Foundation, as built, must be submitted to the office prior to inspection
  3. Rough Frame
    1. Rough electrical and plumbing inspections are required to be completed
    2. Pre-insulation done
    3. Insulation behind electrical outlets on the outside wall
    4. Baffles where required
    5. Holes plugged between floors
  4. Insulation
    1. Copy of MAScheck compliance report must be at the job site
    2. Walls, ceilings bottom of 1st floor, plug windows and doors and any other openings
  5. Final
    1. All safety issues completed
    2. New dwelling - before inspection is done, house number must be posted, three-inch size, on the house in contrasting color from the house. If the house is too far from the street, an additional number will be required at the street line and should be visible from both directions of the street.
    3. Final electrical, plumbing, fire, septic/sewer, and water inspections must be completed before the final inspection is done by the building inspector.