Request Use of Town Facilities

Are you having a meeting or event and you would like to request use of a town facility? Please submit your request for use of town facilities using the electronic form on this page. You may also access the Paper Application (PDF). Please view the Schedule of Rental Fees (PDF).

Terms of Condition & Use

  1. Users must leave the facility as they found it. Users must be charged fees to cover costs for damages or cleaning.
  2. Users must remove all trash and recycling on the same day as the event. The town does not employ a custodian and other events may be scheduled to use the facility after you. Please contact the Dighton Police Department with any issues if the town offices are closed.
  3. No open flames (i.e. candles, torches, etc.) are allowed. Chafing trays with Sterno heaters are allowed.
  4. Exits and entrances must be kept clear. Tables must be a minimum of six feet from exits and entrances.
  5. All decorations must be fire resistant.
  6. No live trees or shrubs allowed, including Christmas trees.
  7. The Town of Dighton is a tobacco-free facility. There is no smoking inside or outside the buildings.
  8. No fog machines or fake smoke machines are allowed.
  9. Permits are required for temporary signs and, in some cases, tents. No signs are allowed on public property without prior approval of the Board of Selectmen.
  10. The town is not responsible for the loss or damage to any person or the property of any user, or of any individual attending the event.
  11. No views expressed by private individuals or groups using public property shall be considered the view of the town.


The organization's representative or the individual requesting the space will be required to sign an indemnification agreement (below) with the Town of Dighton for a scheduled event. A General Liability Policy ($1,000,000 per occurrence/$3,000,000 aggregate) is required as part of the rental agreement, and a certificate of insurance naming the Town of Dighton as an additional insured must be provided with the submission of the application. You may submit as an attachment via the electronic form. The insurance requirement may be waived by vote of the Board of Selectmen. If alcohol is being served, a Liquor Liability Policy ($1,000,000) must be provided in addition to the general liability coverage.

Request Reservation & Use of Town Facilities

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